Once everything is stopped and the computer tries to restart, a stop code is displayed. This stop code uniquely identifies the error or problem encountered by the computer.

  • AHCI mode is also recommended for full performance with SATA 3Gbps and 6Gbps hard disk drives.
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The blue screen is, therefore, an indication of a critical system error. As a precaution, the computer suddenly shuts down, leaving you surprised or upset in front of the screen. Depending on the version of Windows you have, the blue screen will look different.

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  • A market share of 77.3% as of October 2020 makes Windows 10 the top-dog in desktop operating systems, beating the 9-year-old and still widely used Windows 7.

Go to UpdateOrchestrator, delete the folder you created, and rename the task to “Reboot” again. Right-click Reboot, choose the rename option, and give a different name to it. Although an unlikely fix, a DNS server could be the reason for Windows 10 not updating. There are lots of alternate DNS servers you can choose from, and changing them is easy. Check how much free space is on your hard drive. There’s a good chance you’re already aware of this if it’s so low that it’s causing this problem, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm. Turn on the Windows Update service if it’s not already on.

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Want to turn off or disable Windows Update in Windows 10? Here are thee ways to stop Windows 10 from automatically downloading updates or completely disable Windows Update in Windows 10. You can also use the Registry in two different ways to disable automatic updates on Windows 10. You can always undo the changes with the instructions outlined above, but on step 4, choose the Select date option. Alternatively, you can accomplish the same effect by clicking the Resume updates button. Once you complete the steps, Windows Update will no longer download for the time you specified.

The similarities between the two operating systems mean that many fixes for Windows 10 errors have carried over to Windows 11. A bluescreen of death is never a happy moment for any Windows user. Now you know how to use a stop code to identify and fix any issue, you won’t find them quite so irritating.